We at MBI Digital Corp enable technology to bring in standardized yet customizable business solutions for its clients. MBI’s think-tank joins forces with its in-depth Healthcare Industry experience and cutting-edge technology expertise to device solutions for solving business problems and helps transform member experience, member journey from Care to Wellness, reduce care cost etc.

MBI leverage cutting-edge technologies Advanced Analytics, AI & ML, Cloud, Computer vision, ICR/OCR, Test Automation and digital transformation to enable faster time to market, reduce total cost of ownership, improve customer experience and comply with all regulatory requirements.

Our Healthcare experts are specialized in defining data strategy, classifying, linking and creating a standard format of digital footprint of the health records, eliminating paper records that help towards taking faster and better- informed decision. Our specialized cybersecurity team ensures that health records are placed/ stored safely, securely and easy to access with required data security in place.

Our Healthcare solutions include

1. Improve client revenue through anomaly detection framework o Identify fraudulent claims o Identify incorrectly paid claims

2. Forecast and reduce care cost through predictive analysis

3. Patient Centric Care through digital transformation o Build member 360 view

4. Bring Operational efficiencies through intelligent process automation