With the global economy continuously focused on knowledge and skill, higher educational institutions are moving from classroom teaching methods to custom methodologies that promote anytime, personalized, and adaptive learning. The promotion of online learning platforms and the move to cloud-based solutions have brought about reforming changes in education. The COVID-19 pandemic has served as one of the biggest disintegrators in the education sector by making online learning easily accessible, attractive, feasible, and effective.

The future lies in the innovative use of technology to enable educators to provide an enhanced learning exposure, vastly improve student outcomes, and make education more inclusive and affordable. As higher education has continually become more expensive and unattainable, students have found online courses to be an easier way to secure degrees and, consequently, jobs quickly. institutions face the dual goal of lowering the cost of education and expanding the reach of learning. To meet these goals, education must thrive in a space that belongs to Information Technology.

MBI’s mission is to enable educational transformation through the use of innovative technologies such as machine learning, blockchain, AR/VR, big data and the internet of things (IoT).