MBI Digital Corp guides our clients through a proven approach. We can begin the journey together where we will assess your cloud maturity, build the foundation, then migrate and modernize workloads. We can also join you mid-journey where we work with you to complete the workload analysis to assess tiers and disposition, and build the workload migration roadmap.  MBI can further assist with moving your company’s digital assets, databases, services, IT services, and applications.  We are recognized for our ability to apply best practices for cloud migration decision frameworks to each unique, and nuanced, migration scenario our clients present.  Retain and Retire are core business decisions in the 6-R framework, and we can provide stealth guidance through the more difficult decisions.

Key Learnings

  1. Selecting the right cloud migration strategy is key to any organization getting the best performance and value recognition. 
  2. Accelerating the business outcomes is critical for any cloud migration 
  3. The right cloud approach gives you scalability, high performance and cost effectiveness.

Additionally, any effort should leverage automation to further reduce costs and codify for ease of maintenance. MBI can provide proven accelerators to the migration effort, as well as lessons learned from other clients. Our certifications and partnering enable us to access significant funding programs from cloud vendors.  We will help you identify your TCO for fully informed cloud journey.