Cloud automation is the practice or discipline of using specialized software tools and methodologies to automate some or all the manual tasks associated with managing and operating cloud-based IT infrastructure. It streamlines tasks or processes to improve efficiency and reduce manual workload. Cloud automation defines the deployment and management of tasks to be automated, and cloud orchestration arranges and coordinates those defined tasks into a unified approach to accomplish intended goals. There are two types of cloud automation. The first is support for corporate data center operations. The second is hosting for websites and mobile applications at scale. Public cloud hardware from AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure can be used for either purpose. Code Stream, Cloud Assembly, and Service Broker all plugin to the VMware vCloud platform for DevOps and software development teams.


Cloud automation offers a range of benefits:

Instead of wasting time and resources managing cloud environments by hand, organisations that leverage cloud automation can focus their resources on activities that deliver direct business benefits, like developing new services and keeping customers pleased. They can also quickly deploy or modify their IT assets whenever necessary to support a new business initiative.