Healthcare Automation

HealthCare Automation or Automation in American HealthCare

All workflows of HealthCare have seen Automation. AI, ML, NLP, RPA are tools & capabilities to bring automation into HealthCare.

Again as we have summarized before, American HealthCare is divided into 4 broad buckets of Ps:
·        P1 – Payers
·        P2 – Providers
·        P3 – Pharma
·        P4 – Platform

Interestingly, all 4 Ps have seen Automation. For P4 (COTS or Build), the Automation Algo is to achieve CI-CD, NoCode-LowCode, DevOps, DecSecOps & Infra Automation (for Hosting & Security).
The largest impact of Automation has been found in the Claims space.

Again, we must focus on 3 broad types of claims i.e.
·        Professional Claims
·        Facility Claims
·        Self-Funded Claims*
IMP – All Claims are paid by Payers except this one as Cash-Rich Corporate / Entity (mostly Govt)

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