DevOps and Infrastructure Architect

MBI Digital is looking for a DevOps and Infrastructure Architect with minimum 12+ years of experience deploying, designing, architecting, and supporting complex enterprise  cloud-based software/platforms infrastructure, deployments, and monitoring. 

This is a 100% remote opportunity. Candidate should be available to work during US customer business hours and be flexible to work on weekends or off hours if and when necessary  

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Assess and evaluate multiple monitoring solutions in the market and recommend DevOps tools and technologies based on organizational needs.
  • Evaluating, implementing & configuring unified monitoring solutions and dashboards. Integrating this monitoring solution with multiple applications and Azure hosted elements.
  • Design and automate infrastructure scalability, security, and performance through Infrastructure as Code (IaC) practices. 
  • Train organization teams on infrastructure monitoring solutions and setting up SLA, standard processes and required documentations.
  • Expert in handling high-traffic applications using Site Reliability Engineering principles to manage SLOs, SLIs, and SLAs, with hands-on experience in cloud migrations, Azure Monitor, and Azure Log Analytics
  • Experience with evaluating, analyzing, designing and reconfiguring a new infrastructure setup from the start, would be an added bonus.
  • Excellent organizational skills, communication skills and attention to detail.


Preferred Skills / Experience 

  • 8+ years’ experience deploying, designing, architecting, and supporting complex enterprise  cloud-based software/platforms infrastructure, deployments, and monitoring.  
  • 8+ years’ experience developing and/or deploying upgrade packages on an enterprise  software platform.  
  • 7+ years’ database experience in developing/supporting applications with Microsoft SQL  Server  
  • 5+ years’ experience in supporting/configuring/troubleshooting Java application servers.
  • 5+ years’ experience architecting, implementing, or supporting the cloud infrastructure of  large-scale distributed, fault-tolerant systems.  
  • 5+ years’ experience implementing/supporting an enterprise scheduling platform.
  • 5+ years’ experience implementing/supporting automating and scaling IAAS Azure  environments.  
  • 5+ years’ experience implementing/supporting extensive server, network, and/or security  logging frameworks.  
  • 3+ years’ experience implementing/configuring/supporting application and/or infrastructure  monitoring solution tools/frameworks.  
  • 4+ years’ experience implementing/configuring/supporting federated access across Active  Directory, Azure AD (or similar LDAP frameworks) 
  • 5+ years’ experience with distributed cloud architecture and implementations, specifically  Azure services.  
  • Experience implementing/supporting automating and scaling containerization or PAAS Azure  environments.  
  • Experience with  
    • Log4J (or similar enterprise scheduling logging platform)  
    • ActiveBatch (or similar enterprise scheduling platform) 
    • RabbitMQ (or similar messaging brokers)  
    • Apache Tomcat and Ignite SSO Integrations  
    • Azure Key Vaults (or similar security vault technologies)  
    • ELK (or similar application monitoring frameworks)  
    • Microsoft Power BI (or similar data visualization tools) 
    • Java, Powershell and/or Python  
    • Azure Containers 
    • Azure SSO 
    • Azure DB 
    • Splunk, Dynatrace, Solarwinds, N-Nable (would be a bonus)
  • Working knowledge and familiarity with the concepts of API logging, versioning,  public/private, and security.


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United States, Canada

Date Posted
2nd April 2024

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